Kick-Starting our new Blog

Welcome to our new language blog site, Polyblog Glot!

The point of this blog is to have some fun whilst learning something (hopefully new to you) about languages and linguistics in general.

So, let’s get started…Did you know that;

  • In Japan, Ronald McDonald’s name is actually “Donald McDonald”, thanks to the lack of an English “r” [ɹ] sound in Japanese
  • The Swedish name for Sweden, “Sverige” comes from “svear” (which meant “us”) and “rike” (which meant “kingdom”)
  • “Rike” is linked with many languages, from Sanskrit “raja” (“king”) to German “Reich” (“kingdom/empire/realm”) and originally comes from the Proto-Indo European “*reg-” meaning “to straighten out, to rule”
  • An area in Wales called “The Mumbles” comes from the French “mamelles” meaning “breasts” due to two little offshore islands. (I have a small painting of this! Will never look at it the same again… – Sarah)
  • Despite being called “Oktoberfest”, this German festival actually begins in September (I blame the drunk Germans who probably named it)
  • In Japanese, there are approximately 20 ways just to say “sorry”
  • Hindi is one of only 7 writing systems that can be used to make a web address
  • Contrary to popular belief “poptyping” is unfortunately not actually the Welsh for “microwave”. This is just a joke and the actual word is “meicrodon”
  • “Mojang” (the name of the company that owns Minecraft) means “gadget” in Swedish
  • Standard Spain-Spanish is usually called “castellano” in Spanish-speaking countries, whereas outside it is simply called “Spanish”
  • The word “Mancunian” (or “someone from Manchester”) comes from a Celtic word meaning “breast-shaped hill”)
  • There are 12 facts because 12 just so happens to be both of our lucky numbers. This is a complete coincidence, we hadn’t met when we decided this 😀

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