Heya! We’re Marvin and Sarah, two friends from Germany and Wales who met online thanks to a shared love of languages.

Marvin blogs mostly about Germanic languages (Swedish and German as well as a few slightly more obscure ones) and Hindi. I’ll be blogging about Welsh and Japanese and both of us will be posting about German and Spanish too  🙂

  Submissions for things to blog about are more than welcome! We’d love to hear what interests you so message us with any requests (but obviously, please keep them linguistic).

As for our personal interests…

We both share a love of learning languages (…surprise surprise) but I (i.e. Marvin) really enjoy making conlangs too. I started out by creating a conlang called “Jeiios” but my most recent (and most developed) conlang is “Kṽarna”. Another hobby of mine is photography. I mainly stick to digital but would love to get into Polaroid photography too and hope to be starting an apprenticeship in a photographic studio soon. Lastly I love travelling. I don’t often go to other countries (though I have been to Denmark and Croatia) but I travel to a lot of the different towns and cities in my area (in Nordrhein-Westfalen) when I get the chance.

As for me (that’s Sarah by the way), whilst my main hobbies are my languages, I also go to an archaeology club which gives me an opportunity to use my (albeit rather limited) knowledge of Latin as well as learn more about the history of the country I’ve grown up in, Wales. I also love photography and am just finishing up my photography A-Level in my college. Like Marvin I favour digital but I’m lucky enough to have a Polaroid camera too so I take that out when I can. Lastly (though I’ve stopped to focus on my studies for now) I have been practicing karate since I was 9 and am now a 1st dan black belt in a dojo in my hometown.



One thought on “About

  1. Mamse

    Hi… Find ich voll cool was ihr da macht… Nur mein Englisch ist nicht so gut, dass ich alles lesen und verstehen kann.
    Vielleicht erklärt mir das jemand mal genau 😀

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